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Some days

Some days are shitty. Since days are amazing, sweet and beautiful.  And the time and difference between these types of days its hard to anticipate. I'm having a hard time blogging recently. I think its because without symptoms the theme of my blog seems silly abs hard to maintain. I also feel like much of what I wanted to blog about a year ago isn't as relevant for me. I keep intending to revamp the blog, give it a new name and a new purpose then my motivation dissolves And the blog remains postless. I'm blogging today as a way to recognize the 4 year anniversary of my brothers death. I didn't feel liked calling attention to my grief in facebook or via email or any other way this year. I'm deeply saddened And miss my brother but didn't want to share that grief this year. I'm not sure why it felt good to have people know and understand before but not now. I've been doing a lot of work on myself again and that may be part of my desire for privacy? Honestl…