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Still here

I'm still here plugging away. I'm exhausted and kind of spacey but I'm here. I am looking forward to a long weekend with my kiddos and hubby. I'm really hoping we can just hang out and enjoy one another a little bit. All too often I get caught up in all that I feel I need to do and forget to just be. But not to worry I have been making time for other enjoyable pastimes! I've been working away on some weaving projects, trying new things (just ordered a bunch of fancy cotton yarn to dye and sample) and exploring the medium while my body permits.
I haven't been sleeping well and my mood is all over the place. I've stopped taking Aubagio (MS medication) and am starting to feel like that was a good choice. Of course that comes with the responsibility of thinking through my other drug options. My body is not responding well to our recent heat wave and without AC in the car I have been struggling. My body sensation is low, which means movement is a bit of a strugg…


So typical for me. I started writing and couldn't stick with it. April was so busy, for so many reasons. I haven't been feeling 100%. I'm trying to sort out if it's medications or just MS flare ups. I started Aubagio for my MS in January and so far things seem mostly okay. I'm going to aim to keep up with blogging for myself so I can look back on day and remember some of these little concerns I had. My memory isn't what I'd like it to be and it seems to randomly select what it wants to retain.

Big is in a new before and after school program. Little turned 3 last month. I'm struggling with the desire to have more kids. I know I just don't have the energy or wherewithal to manage a third but that  desire is there. If we come into a bunch of money I suspect I'd dive in. Though I say that knowing that the medication I started means I should conceive for 3 years after stopping the medication! So yeah not a high chance of a third biological baby. Besi…