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Parenting ideals and ideas

Okay so I'm trying my hand at writing a little bit about what I've learned so far on my parenting journey:

~ I truly know that I don't know what I'm doing lol
~I follow no one 'style' of parenting except the one I constantly create and re-create
~I've done things, as a parent, I regret but none of them involve Aidan
~I believe infants are people and should be treated as such. From day one, they don't gradually develop consciousness outside the womb they do that inside the womb.
~ Kids are amazing little people and so fun to be around so take the time to find activities you can both enjoy
~Letting Aidan figure out toys, and items for himself instead of molding it for him is way more interesting to watch and gets easier with practice.
~This includes allowing him to take risks like climbing and jumping or other things where my first reaction is fear and all I want to say is 'no, stop, don't or worst of all let me show you how,'. Instead I try t…

Yikes it's been over a month

Wild somehow over a month had passed without an update. Things have been really busy. We've been moving and that's taken a lot out of me. We are finished as of today and hand the keys over this weekend. I'm really happy it's all done and that now we can start working on settling into our new life.

We've moving in with my in-laws. Totally new experience as I barely know them but eye opening and wonderful for Aidan who is finally getting to know his Granny and Grandpa. Aidan loves it here. More people to play with and talk to and so much space. He's been busy practicing stair climbing and door opening since we've never had stairs or this many doors. Having a yard is amazing and even just having the hose for him to play with has turned into a big deal. I found a free sandbox on Craigslist- bought a couple of bags of sand and Voila a ready made 2.5 year old's paradise! It really helps that laundry is right down stairs (and free as compared to the $2 a wash…