Yikes it's been over a month

Wild somehow over a month had passed without an update. Things have been really busy. We've been moving and that's taken a lot out of me. We are finished as of today and hand the keys over this weekend. I'm really happy it's all done and that now we can start working on settling into our new life.

We've moving in with my in-laws. Totally new experience as I barely know them but eye opening and wonderful for Aidan who is finally getting to know his Granny and Grandpa. Aidan loves it here. More people to play with and talk to and so much space. He's been busy practicing stair climbing and door opening since we've never had stairs or this many doors. Having a yard is amazing and even just having the hose for him to play with has turned into a big deal. I found a free sandbox on Craigslist- bought a couple of bags of sand and Voila a ready made 2.5 year old's paradise! It really helps that laundry is right down stairs (and free as compared to the $2 a wash and $2 a dry at the apartment). Getting dirty is far more fun when the clothes can go straight into the wash and small loads are okay lol.

We don't seem to have as much space as we did at the apartment but I think once we fix up some closet space and storage areas it will be a different story. It's hard to believe how much square footage we had at the apartment. Today as we wrapped up and trucked out the last of our stuff I couldn't get over how much room there was in there! I'm sorry to see it go as I know it'll be hard to find an apartment that size again. Though in my heart of hearts I think we'd have a hard time moving into an apartment after tasting this freedom.

I'm hoping to get a garden planted this week and next. I'm really excited to see Aidan's reaction to growing our own food. It's such a freeing idea for me as I've never really done it myself. We grew stuff to eat when I was a kid but never really successfully as I remember it. I'm hoping it will be different here. I went to a little seminar on container gardening tonight so my mind is racing with Ideas about how we are going to develop this garden and what we are going to plant. I was originally thinking of doing a raised bed but more and more (primarily to keep costs down) I'm thinking of just digging up the lawn. Previously I was thinking it would be easier to build a raised bed but given the cost of cedar and soil to fill it (not to mention I no longer think it will be easier) I think we will be digging in in this weekend. Yay!

And on to the really big question: How am I feeling? The answer is better. The CCSVI was definitely a success and I'm so happy I got the opportunity to have the procedure. It's given me my life back. I'm worried that I may be having symptoms returning but I'm trying to wait it out to see if it's stress related. My neck has started to feel that familiar tightness especially on the left side. I've also been having face and jaw pain back in the last couple of weeks so I'm not exactly sure where I stand. My cog fog has remained at bay and I'm able to run after Aidan again (huge relief there) and I'm planning on getting back to the gym as well as continuing to eat a primarily gluten free diet. Both those lifestyle choices improve my quality of life and I'm looking forward to feeling healthy and strong again. Even if I have re-stenosed a little bit I know there is help for me and that is a BIG deal! I promise I'll try to keep the blog more up to date and I will continue to write about my MS struggles. I'm hoping I'll be able to shift the focus a bit towards my parenting experiences but  know there are so many parenting blogs out there that I often hesitate because I found my attempts at blogging about parenting seemed kind of hollow as I'm not an expert or anything so I have to figure out how to write from the heart about a subject that is constantly evolving for me lol. Anyways that's all for now but I do intend to follow up soon.



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