Here we go...

So today is a getting ready day. I'm not sure how it happened but everything seems to have come together. We have rented a minivan so we should have ample room. I have delegated in car entertainment to Devin- I'm sure it will include more electronic stuff that I hope to use but that's okay. I still have to pack and double check all our stuff but even that seems fairly straight forward as its only a few days and we can buy items if we've forgotten them.

I'm getting a little nervous now. Mostly it's manifesting as nervousness about getting the van, hitting traffic, and being stuck at the boarder. I'm fairly certain the moment those event pass it will all turn into nerves about the surgery. I know the risks are low but I do worry about eventualities if something were to happen to me. Scary thought. Mostly my poor mom, then Aidan, then Dev. Poor guy not that he deserves last place in that race but I really don't know how my mom would handle it if I died. Losing two children is horrible enough but all your children?!? I don't even have words. So instead I'm putting my faith in my higher power and I'm trusting that 'they' will take care of me. That might be the most spiritual you will ever hear me lol. I've certainly had enough pain and loss in my lifetime so I'm going on faith. I'm powerless over people, places and things. Thank God for AA and Al-anon. So amazing how those life lessons have pulled me through so many hard times.

So back to the trip and treatment. My checklist is getting shorter which is great. My son is resting and so I. The steroids seem to have helped and I'm much closer to feeling like myself. My body isn't back yet but my brain fog and emotional outlook are much better now.

Again some thank you's to all my generous friends and family and WAMS for helping me fund this adventure!! I love you all and I don't feel like I can express clearly enough how grateful I am for every dollar, item donated, email, phone call and prayer! I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!! Huge e hugs to you all!! M


  1. Chin up Morgan...your a strong woman and have an amazing man and family standing behind you...

    Do not go gentle into that good night... rage...rage against the dying of the light :)

    Good luck with this... although I think you got this more than handled :)

  2. Have a safe trip and you guys are in my prayers :)


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