Another day down

I was hoping to have better news but I'm feeling really rough. Ugh not my best day. Struggling to keep upright and awake. My brain feels good but everything else isn't working as I'm used to. The steroids are done so I was hoping that my need to sleep would have been reduced. It may just be a bit of build up burn out but it feels pretty MSy yep sounds messy.
So many wonderful thanks yous to send out to WAMS and people who attended, donated and everything else.i feel so loved and supported. It sounds like WAMS collected enough for my treatment and accommodations. Hoping there is plenty to help some of the other ladies in need.

I'm not sure what else I have to share besides my huge feelings of gratitude for my amazing friends and family. I'm truly blessed and appreciate all the support I've received. Next up getting my chores done and getting prepared for surgery Thursday. I'm seriously hoping that this lack of energy will fade and make the drive that much easier to handle.


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