A couple of small victories!

Wonderful news! Finally.
First  I saw a massage therapist on Tuesday and again today and it really helped reduce my muscle spasms and pain! It never fails to help but it also amazes me every time it happens. I'm hoping this will last the weekend as it will surely get expensive fast if I have to go every 2 days lol
Secondly I saw a chiropractor and I'm amazed by how much better I'm doing! he only did some very gentle manipulations as he said he prefers to take it slowly with neuro patients but it still had a huge impact! My face relaxed slightly (It looked better right away but I checked just now and it's almost back to were it was the other day. I'm hoping this is just because I'm tired. And my gait was immediately better! I can walk and I even have more sensation in my legs! I would highly recommend looking into this for anyone with MS as it as a dramatic impact and I was actually fairly reserved about how effective I thought it might be. I went in hoping it might help my pain level and my crooked head which it did but I got so much more from it! He also treated Aidan and Aidan LOVED it!!! He has been telling everyone about how Dr. Paul helped make his back and head feel better. Really amazing to see since he is really just starting to speak lol.

The other thing I did which has worked out well is that I came up with some activities that Aidan and I can do together even when I'm couch bound and it's been working. I've now done 2 set ups- that's where I set everything out for him before I go to bed and so when he gets up he can dive in with whatever he wants. I did a ribbon cutting set up but it's funny because he only used the scissors to cut 2 pieces- he was much more interested in using the ribbon as a road! lol another reminder that just because I think an activity will play out one way it may not! We also have some new bingo dabber type painting things that are awesome because they are easy and virtually mess free! The company that makes them also makes colouring books (not something I really believe in as I think free drawing is better at this stage but... nothing really wrong with them once in a while either) anyways so it's got super thick pages so the ink doesn't transfer which is what 'drew' me to them (pun intended) and they had a track themed one which of course my truck obsessed son was crazy about! We also have a new dry erase board which hasn't been a big hit but I think it will get there still.

Anyways thanks for reading and it's so nice to have so much good news to report! I hope to take this blog back to an adapted play theme a bit more soon.


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