Happily home!

2 days post surgery and I'm starting to feel better. I'm home and that feels excellent. Sadly, even though I cleaned what I could before I left, the house was no where near clean enough for me when I got back. Ugh so I started cleaning immediately (yeah that's the kind of person I am sorry lol). But the good news is that cleaning didn't burn me out the way it did before I left!! yahoo!! Yep I just said yahoo about cleaning- deal with it lol. I didn't do nearly our whole apartment or anything even close (I'm aware I'm still recovering from surgery lol) but I did get my kitchen look good and almost as detailed a clean as I would like. I just need to pull out my steamer to really get the little stuff but it's going to be a process for sure. One room a day should get me to where I want to be soon enough.

As you can likely tell I'm also in significantly better spirits than I have been in recent weeks! So nice to feel more like myself for a change. It's hard to to feel whiny and sorry for yourself when you are unable to complete even the most basic of tasks. I'm also feeling much stronger. It may not sound like much to you but I carried in the groceries from the car tonight while Dev carried Aidan. We were both a little suprised I think but it was great to be able to do something so mundane by myself again! No9t to mention that we spent the day traveling, then cleaned a little, drove shopped (including carrying a shopping basket full of food around the store) and I have not napped today. These are all big advancements from were I was a week ago walking into the WAMS fundraiser in my walker. Wow I know it was a week ago but it feels like so much longer given how much things have changed! Dare I say the CCSVI (with a steroid kick start) has worked? It's more than a 5% increase in my energy for sure. I really hope this trend keeps up!  Other things I've noticed? I'm not dizzy or light headed when I stand up. Such a little thing but that's been going on for years! I am thinking more clearly, this is really noticeable when I'm tired because I'm still coherent instead of mumbling and fumbling my way through conversations (or blog posts). My stamina is up enormously, endurance, strength, and my face appears to have relaxed somewhat. I still have numbness, and my left hand's co-ordination is certainly not back to normal. I'm sure there are some other things that are still there but as I say it's more than I could have hoped for and if it keeps improving, which I hope it will, that would be fantastic.

My beautiful friend Alicia very kindly looked after our pets while we were away and I was greeted with a huge pot of 'recovery' soup on my stove when I got home!! Such a generous, thoughtful and amazing gift! Again I will share how unbelievable grateful I am to my friends and family for helping me in so many ways. I feel so loved and blessed! It's so nice to be home and I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep in my own bed!

xoxo M


  1. I'm a little teary with happiness for you Morgan. Hope you had a good sleep
    Alison C.

  2. Accueillez à la maison Morgan... For the non french speakers that means welcome home.

    You may wonder why I've taken a vested interest in your recovery. The reason is simple. Someone very close to me had MS and I watched him slowly fall apart. The whole time I prayed that there would be something someone could do for him. He ended up in a wheelchair and then sadly succumbed to MS. It was a sad day to see a man so full of life reduced to such a painful ending. But one thing he always did was smile. All the way to the end.

    I'll be watching your blogs Morgan and you, dev and the family are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight :)


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