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Out and about

Amazing day playing out if the house. We set off with a couple of dollars and no expectations. The result? Lots a fun. We made new friends, tired ourselves out and had a snack. A lovely end to a Saturday.

Little yogi

Man I love this kid. Today we had a great time doing yoga from a kids yoga video. He was so good at emulating what was on screen it was amazing (and a little scary after a sick day where we did watch TV- it's obviously how much he soaks up from that). Anyways great end to a flu day.

Friends and introspection

Today was a friends day. We had a play date arranged but it had to be pushed back due to a unscheduled nap. So Aidan I took off to our favorite breastfeeding support group. I've been going there for two years and amazingly (to me anyways) still miss it when I'm not there. So much knowledge that I received there that I still feel I haven't even begun to give back.

The amount of love I feel for the lady who runs it over flowed today and for the first time I told her I loved her. Amazing! I surprised myself but there it is. Love is developed and so often hidden. Later my son hugged a stranger and all could think was yep I guess he's just like me. Man I'm proud my son is a people lover. I didn't know I was until he reflected it back at me. The depth of the lessons my son teaches me are beyond incredible. Parenthood has pushed me in ways I never expected. So much change is often hard but, I believe, totally worth it!

Make believe and music

What a day! We are trying to find a preschool for Aidan. Apparently it's not as easy as you'd think. Not that there aren't preschool's or that they won't take Aidan. It's a matter of finding a place where we agree with their philosophy, practices and policies on poop. Yep you heard me poop policies. Sigh- Thankfully, I got a time for a education fair locally on Saturday so fingers crossed I can make it and find something appealing there. Yep adventurous parenting includes adventures into the unknown waters of  preschool and such.  Our after noon picked up so I thought I would include some photos

Painting play

Today we painted a truck. This is a lovey wooden truck we bought for Christmas from the Waldorf Craft fair. It was hand made by a fellow who uses the money he makes to make more toys to give to children in need. How amazing is that?

This truck was completely unfinished. I gave to the truck to Aidan at Christmas with the promise that we would do some work on it and even included some beeswax wood polish I had left over from the wooden items I prepared for him. Anyways, today I decided I was up for painting. I would like to note that the last few times we've painted it was a major undertaking. We haven't painted in a few months- what a difference!!! I love this age! Not that he always listens to me when we are working on something, but I now can anticipate some of the problems we might have before they happen (like to many colours on the go at one time) and can work to prevent chaos from ensuing. I also have learned to not play music while we craft (thought it would be…

This is what it's all about!!

Pure joy radiated from his face as he purposely chose colours and placements for this work of art...his face. 
It was beautiful to watch him completely enthralled in this moment.

I'm not sure you'll see it but look closely and you will see my sons soul here
I bought these face markers at a local toy store called BC playthings. They are the safest kind I have been able to find which helped put my mind at ease as I do worry about what is absorbed into his system via the bodies largest organ- his skin. I need to credit a group of ladies called play at home mom for inspiring this activity their blog is full of fun and creative activities to do with kids of all ages.
Aidan has been using my makeup brushes for sometime now applying his own make up as I get ready for work so I knew he was totally ready for this. He also decorated my face. He actually gave me a VERY distinctive blue beard (both my mom and I knew exactly what is was)  and I'm kicking m…

Soso ends up Sew fun!!

Okay so yesterday would have been my little brother's 28th birthday. He died a little over 3 years ago in a car accident. He was a really sweet man who had overcome a lot of adversity. I miss him and think of him often. I wonder about how to explain about him with Aidan. Today I cried for him and worried Aidan would be concerned but he just kept playing with me- just a little more gently than before- it felt like a very compassionate response to my grief.

Anyways yesterday I hung out with my mom- without Aidan this is a fairly rare occurrence. And we got cracking on a project that I bought materials for 2 years ago- gulp. Anyways still love it and can't wait to get it finished and onto my couch!!!!

 So we got to work sewing. Well I mostly talked while my mom sewed but she was okay with it lol. It felt so nice to have a creative outlet on a day where I really wasn't feeling too hot. I finally got my sewing machine parts in the mail so I hope to take more creative me ti…

Light Table play sucess!!

Okay so a low content post,mainly because high content is alluding me at present.

 Today we played with the light-box I made from a Rubbermaid storage bin and 3 strands of Christmas lights. Previously we've played with polished glass and cross sections of agate. They usually get thrown around by a truck which I find frusterating and leads to clean up and an explantion of why I'm not a fan. Anyways...

This time we added marbles to the mix with huge success! The extra dimension of movement captivated Aidan's attention like nothing else had. We played with it for at least an hour and he wanted to play with it again tonight.

Fort fun!

The dead zone. Not ready to give up my quiet time once again. how did this happen. I'm staying to late just so I can enjoy some peace and quiet but I'm to tired to really do anything. Ugg...I've decided this is when I should try to blog! Let's see if that works out lol.
Today was a great day. WE built a fort. Aidan loves hiding under a blanket but previously didn't get the concept of fort building. This, happily is no longer the case! I love being the mom of a toddler! So fun and silly.