Painting play

Today we painted a truck. This is a lovey wooden truck we bought for Christmas from the Waldorf Craft fair. It was hand made by a fellow who uses the money he makes to make more toys to give to children in need. How amazing is that?

This truck was completely unfinished. I gave to the truck to Aidan at Christmas with the promise that we would do some work on it and even included some beeswax wood polish I had left over from the wooden items I prepared for him. Anyways, today I decided I was up for painting. I would like to note that the last few times we've painted it was a major undertaking. We haven't painted in a few months- what a difference!!! I love this age! Not that he always listens to me when we are working on something, but I now can anticipate some of the problems we might have before they happen (like to many colours on the go at one time) and can work to prevent chaos from ensuing. I also have learned to not play music while we craft (thought it would be my preference) as he gets amped up and loses concentration.

I loved every moment of today's painting and will certainly be doing more painting again soon. I may also look for things to paint as I believe the subject matter was partially responsible for our success.
Aidan was methodical about where and how much paint he wanted in each place. His precision ad concentration were glorious to watch!


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