Friends and introspection

Today was a friends day. We had a play date arranged but it had to be pushed back due to a unscheduled nap. So Aidan I took off to our favorite breastfeeding support group. I've been going there for two years and amazingly (to me anyways) still miss it when I'm not there. So much knowledge that I received there that I still feel I haven't even begun to give back.

The amount of love I feel for the lady who runs it over flowed today and for the first time I told her I loved her. Amazing! I surprised myself but there it is. Love is developed and so often hidden. Later my son hugged a stranger and all could think was yep I guess he's just like me. Man I'm proud my son is a people lover. I didn't know I was until he reflected it back at me. The depth of the lessons my son teaches me are beyond incredible. Parenthood has pushed me in ways I never expected. So much change is often hard but, I believe, totally worth it!


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