This is what it's all about!!

Pure joy radiated from his face as he purposely chose colours and placements for this work of art...his face. 

It was beautiful to watch him completely enthralled in this moment.


I'm not sure you'll see it but look closely and you will see my sons soul here

I bought these face markers at a local toy store called BC playthings. They are the safest kind I have been able to find which helped put my mind at ease as I do worry about what is absorbed into his system via the bodies largest organ- his skin.

I need to credit a group of ladies called play at home mom for inspiring this activity their blog is full of fun and creative activities to do with kids of all ages.

Aidan has been using my makeup brushes for sometime now applying his own make up as I get ready for work so I knew he was totally ready for this. He also decorated my face. He actually gave me a VERY distinctive blue beard (both my mom and I knew exactly what is was)  and I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of that piece of art before washing it off. I know we will be doing this again soon so I will make sure I take pictures of it next time!!


  1. This was always my favourite activity to watch as a preschool teacher. I should show you the pictures of when the kids painted my pregnant belly! Best day ever :)


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