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Delving deeper

Finding myself feeling better. Setting goals primarily getting strong again. I'm going to try very hard to get a solid exercise progtam happening. I realised that my symptoms stay at bay when I'm physically fit and come back when I'm unhealthy. Decision, it's time. Pain is the touchstone to change. My kids are so amazing and wonderful and I really want to be able to show up for them 100% for a good long time. The sooner I start the easier it should be. M is already approaching a year and this will mean an even more frantic pace around here.


I felt a big relief after writing yesterday. Is forgotten how cathartic it can be to get all my thoughts out. Today it was less about me and more about parenting.Aidan has started asking for lessons. Last week soccer this week hockey. I'm just unsure if he's ready and how to fund activities if there's the risk he'll quit.I really want to get swimming lessons for M but there's no way I'm comfortable taking her due MS symptoms. Devin doesn't swim though maybe with the baby he would consider it? I wish the kids had more functioning Grandparents then I'd ask them but my mom does all the heavy lifting in that department and I try not to overload her.I should also research costs, funding and tax breaks before sinking a bunch of money into it.

I'm back?

So it's been a long while since I posted anything. I actually wrote a few times but didn't post. For whatever reason I feel like I don't have much to say until I'm experiencing symptoms and then the desire to write come up again.So many emotions with this flare up. 2 kids one only 9.5 months old makes this so much harder than 2 years ago. I also feel like the ccsvi (and everyone's help funding it makes this episode seem like a failure?). MS symptoms always begin with a ton of emotional stuff. Fear of the unknown (well fear of everything really) can leave me pretty incapacitated.Symptoms
Balance, bladder issues, pain, fatigue, lack of muscle control, dragging leg, no hand finger dexterity.
But no cog fog! Very rare!More to follow soon?