Little moments

So neat to slow down a bit. My MS has made me slow down many times before but this time I've had to be creative to make sure AD isn't more effected.

Today he initiated some coloring on his white board. It's so neat to see how much he has learned since we bought it a year ago. Today his art was monochromatic and he was practicing drawing life objects. He would point to his toy box and say this then trace the exterior of the whit board to form straight lines. He intentionally drew a circle and to be sure a little while later I asked him where it was and he identified it immediately. Then he wanted to trace his hands and feet.

The way his I interest and understanding develops is so amazing to behold. All of this happened in under 10min but the slow place I'm in right now allowed me to deeply connect with AD for every moment of that experience. It is so much easier to see him for who he is once I've let go of my own preconceived ideas and my own emotions. Playing together is such a beautiful way to connect with one another. I hope other parents with MS are finding was to accept their limitations while stool finding ways to connect with their children. I don't want my son to feel that his has missed out on a meaningful relationship with me because I have MS.


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