better late than never

Sorry for the delay in posting again. I've been up and down and back up again since coming home. I'm also feeling a fair amount of pressure to 'feel better' real or imagined I feel like everyone wants to know how I a and the answer is I don't know. I do feel better but I'm aware that I've had surgery and my body keeps reminding me with twinges and subtle reminders. I'm busing really easily and I'm currently sporting some major whoppers. The bruising is due to the blood thinners that I've been prescribed. The recommendation is 6 weeks taking Plavex and lose dose aspirin to help reduce clotting. I was told to reduce the Aspirin if I started busing (which i have done) but I'm not sure I really want to back off the Plavex. Thankful I will see my GP on Friday and I hope she will be able to advise me one the best course of action.

So back to MS symptoms. The pain in my right leg is gone. It's a huge relief. I still have some other pain but nothing like that. Most days it ranged from an 7 to a 10 on a pain scale of 1-10 so not having to deal with that is lovely! My muscle spasms in my right leg are also gone. The face is basically back to normal (again a big relief). I still have numbness but it seems to have decreased in some areas. My fatigue is certainly less and I do feel much more clear headed. I'm also feeling creative which is wonderful.

So was the surgery a success? I'd say it was absolutely worth it. I feel better and who knows if there will be more to come as I continue to heal.


  1. Baby steps hon... things hopefully will get better... Still praying for you :)


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