Getting ready to go

So another day full of gratitude. Got some stuff done thanks to my amazing mom. We have a minivan rented- which will make things easier as far as traveling. Used many of my remaining airmiles but it's worth it I think. Now to get packed and sorted.

Aidan's new doll friend arrived today!! LOVE him!!! So cute all I want to do is run out and buy some fabric to start making them matching clothes! Ahhh! Hope this isn't going to end badly lol. I'm feeling creative again so that's good. It hard though having my brain but not my body.

Body update I'm feeling a bit better after napping much of the morning. I think the steroids have helped! Yay. Wishing I could take my regular supplements as my gut says they would help heal me up a bit faster. I'm also not able to take Advil and I'm missing that from my healing also.

So interested to see how we all fair on our road trip. Small spaces with the little man may or may not go well. Hoping we can plan to get him burned out before we hit the road. Also need to plan our activities for the road. Mine likely include lists of sleep lol. Maybe if we are lucky Aidan's will as well. Any car suggestions? I wish I had timers design an ispy matching game... Maybe I will make the time with trucks and cars and colours- that will keep him busy. Ive got a white board and felts which will give us a bit of time. What else can you play in a car seat? Maybe a movie as a last resort?


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