Still here

I'm still here plugging away. I'm exhausted and kind of spacey but I'm here. I am looking forward to a long weekend with my kiddos and hubby. I'm really hoping we can just hang out and enjoy one another a little bit. All too often I get caught up in all that I feel I need to do and forget to just be. But not to worry I have been making time for other enjoyable pastimes! I've been working away on some weaving projects, trying new things (just ordered a bunch of fancy cotton yarn to dye and sample) and exploring the medium while my body permits.
I haven't been sleeping well and my mood is all over the place. I've stopped taking Aubagio (MS medication) and am starting to feel like that was a good choice. Of course that comes with the responsibility of thinking through my other drug options. My body is not responding well to our recent heat wave and without AC in the car I have been struggling. My body sensation is low, which means movement is a bit of a struggle.
The kids? M is growing so quick and jumped into potty training like a champ. She's gone 5 days without diapers except at night!! What a wild ride, totally different than her brother!! I could write a blog just about my amazing kids. They are both so wonderful and unique. A is growing so big. We finally got a report that is allowing him so extra help at school. My fingers crossed that he's able to use those adaptations and do well with them. I'm toying with the idea of putting him in English instead of French due to comments from his teacher and the recommendation of a friend to do it sooner than later to make the transition as seamless as possible. I hope to talk to him about how much he's enjoying French. It might not actually be his jam (until now he's always told me  he loves it but today he said he's not loving it as much). Nothing to worry about or jump to but it's worth considering. M starts preschool in September and is so excited. She's begging for swimming lessons so this mamma is going to step up and try to make that happen for the sweet kid. Maybe I can even wrangle A into the whole thing.....or not. Unfortunately I find swimming to be one of the most exhausting actives there is and since my hubby can't swim it's always a toss up about who needs to take the kids. Not that I have to swim with them anymore but even just the smell of chlorine makes me tired! I'm also trying to figure out how moms with disabilities get their kids into activities? It's so hard to take them anywhere when I'm so darned tired all the time. I would really like to give my kids the best chance to be successful in activities and to try out a variety but man it's so far been unattainable. The multiple jobs and out hours of work don't help things but truly if anyone reading this has ideas pleas send them my way!! <3
Work is great. I love being back full-time even when it's exhausting it feels good to be in the drivers seat a bit more and to have more successful customer hand offs so that they trust me and not just Leo. And with that I'm going to sign off with the hope of returning soon, M


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