I'm taking some time off from work this week. Not 'for' myself but by myself which seems pretty close these days. I am hoping to get caught up on the huge stack of to do's at home. Maybe rest. Maybe hang out with a friend? See the chiropractor? I have to see some professionals about my son but I'm really hoping that getting him some help is going to also result in things getting easier for me longer term.

My body is still misbehaving but I'm wearing a compression belt and that seems to be helping slightly with the pain. My arm is still numb and that's going on 3+ weeks? Ugg so distracting. Oh and my foot is dragging. Another constant reminder of ever present illness. I just want to be normal! I'm tired of having to be stronger and more resilient than everyone else. Okay not everyone but fuck it sure feels that way some times. Thank goodness I have a few people in my life to remind me that I'm not alone in living with chronic illness. Having good people in my life is such a god send. MS sucks but getting through with some encouragement from good people helps. I still feel like I'm in a funk but am also feeling more optimistic. I'm not committing to how I feel until I get some rest lol.

So I will try to write a follow up to my exclusive online pity party here on the blog but life keeps happening so if I'm not around a while that won't surprise anyone I'm sure.
xoxo Me


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