Catching up

I have so many pictures and thoughts that I've been wanting to up load but all my spare time is being dedicated to trying to get CCSVI treatment and finding for the treatment that's really where my energy has been recently. I also have had a major relapse thought I think it may finally be easing up a bit Thank GOD!! It was such an awful reminder of what MS really looks like- I was not a huge fan and I will admit there were some days I really wasn't sure what I was going to do with poor Aidan. He was watching more TV then I care to share about and it was breaking my heart not being able to take him outside.I couldn't walk as the last time I went for a walk I got stranded (even with the stroller for support) and I really wasn't alert enough to drive. Aidan was a very good sport with me not being as involved in play or being as hands on but there was most assuredly a lot of fall out.

I'm putting a lot of hope on this treatment working otherwise I think we are going to have to re-evaluate a lot of our plans for the future. I had a lot of "what the hell was I thinking becoming a parent?" moments- then they fizzled out with a smile or a laugh from Aidan. So much joy and pain being a parent with a disabling disease. SO that's some of the scoop more to follow when I'm more alert and a bit more with it.


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