Me and him... But mostly me lol

I'm not sure what's going on but it's something. I don't feel like myself somehow? My head is spinning when I stand up once again so I'm fairly sure my veins have re-stenosed, I wish I had a way to confirm that but I haven't had any "head rushes" since my surgery. I'm fairly sure that's not the only thing going on though.

I'm feeling emotionally off. So sensitive yo rejection and so easily hurt. I'm also feeling kind of "melancholy" for lack of a better explanation. I feel like I need a break but from what I'm not sure. I am sure the rain hasn't been helping and not having a car is slowing me down but I think all that is incidental I'm going to have to go talk to my doctor and maybe see a therapist? I've taken antidepressants but I've never followed up by talking and I'm thinking that might make the difference.

On a different note I've been enjoying the yard at our new place and so has Aidan. I'm allowing him more experimentation outside which seems to be working. I also have been letting him play outside by himself for short periods. I know not everyone will agree with this idea but that's how I'm doing it lol. I would love to have a fence set up so I could leave him alone more but he knows to stay close and call out for help if he needs me- I'm always in earshot and check on him often.


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