Update.... Or something?

I have not great points for this post so I'm planning in rambling so if you want a blog post that makes tins of sense please look elsewhere lol.

My health: my chiropractor helped but my energy level stinks. I'm taking blood thinners to try to figure out if it's my veins shutting or if it's something unrelated. I'm praying that it's not a relapse because I really don't have much fight in me at the moment and I just can't face another MS relapse so soon. Thankfully no pain and few little mobility/ numbness issues so its more inconvenient and scary than anything.

Parenting: I love my kid! He's seems so grown up since he's really started talking. We've got a talker and I can't express how much I love it. Even when it's inconvenient and frustrating (read often lol). It's another stage so it takes some practice figuring how to communicate effectively in this new medium. Aidan is busy counting everything that comes in pairs and identifying colours. Again super fun.

Activities: home made finger paints- total bust none of the kids wanted to
get their fingers dirty lol but the paint turned out great! Play dough we added more flour and it turned out really great!


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