Yup back to my old shinnanagans!

You see how it is? I start to feel the tiniest bit better and no longer need to pour my soul out to the folks out in internet land! Okay well not entirely true. Some of it has been that I simply have had less time but most of it is that I don't find it nearly as easy to talk about myself when I'm not actively struggling with a full blown relapse! I'm still not feeling great and I'm not back at work full time yet either. I'm hoping that this week will be my turn around week but I'm not holding my breath. I came here with a specific post and I just really quickly want to talk about what not to say when someone is struggling:
If you just lost a little weight- seriously? now just isn't the time. It may never been a 'good' time but when I am struggling with basic self care weight loss isn't even on my radar.
If you just went out more. No it doesn't work that way. I know some diseases and disorders get better when you push but I'm usually in a state of relapse after I've pushed myself too far. I just need down time.
I've heard that some diets can cure MS.... Maybe but in a relapse I can't even cook for myself so it's really not the time to bring this shit up.
I know a great alternative (blank insert whatever here).... I'm too tired to try new things and sure as hell don't want to meet new people. Going to my doctor is more than enough for me I just can't do more than that.
When I'm sick I'm sick. The helpful things are to show up for me. Don't wait for me to call, it's doubtful that I will do it until I have zero options. Just show up with food, flowers or insist that you can help with my kids or my house work. I'm too proud to ask for help and it takes a ton of pressure off when folks just step up without having to ask. It also really feels like people are showing up for me when they do things without me requesting it!
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