One day at a time

Thinking aloud. I've read two articles recently talking about setting realistic expectations for moms. The basic idea is that blogs and pinterest and other online sources set up unrealistic ideals for moms and especially stay at home moms. I found this kind of saddening to hear. Don't get me wrong I idealize others more than I should but I'm usually about to ground myself and I know that no one is perfect no matter how they portray themselves to others. My experience has actually been that those who put the most effort into looking like they have their shit together tend to be the most messed up - not always but sometimes. I have gain so much insight, support and inspiration from Facebook, pinterest and blogs that I'm saddens to realize that I've been lucky and selective about what I read. I've finally been using some of the ideas I've seen on pinterest and other blogs and I've found a lot of freedom in having so many great activity ideas to choose from all the time. I guess what I'm getting at is that if you are feeling less than or inadequate it may be time to switch the source of you information to places that are more realistic and supportive. No one want you to be anything other than what you are right now in this moment. Spending quality time with loved ones is what really matters and what kids will remember. One day at a time is a really healthy rule to live by in my opinion. Here are some pictures of how we've spent our time this week.


  1. Could not agree more! It is saddening that there is this culture of comparing one another to such an extent that we think less of ourselves and question what we are doing and if it is 'good enough'. I too have found so much inspiration from blogs and pinterest but never thought less of myself for not being able to 'do it all' and be perfect. I can see how some might lead in that direction but is that not more of an issue with how we view our own self worth? The real shame in my opinion is if we as parents constantly compare ourselves and the 'products' we make with those around us what does that teach our children?

    1. Absolutely it's about self worth and I think the social pressure put on women who stay at home to raise their children. Even working mom's seem to feel pressure to preform at a higher level. It's like the momlympics out there lol. I think it's hard to juggle all the things we feel have to get done as well as spend quality time with our kids and that conflict brings up feelings of failure for too many moms. I think it's a social failing because we, as a society still don't value what previously was referred to as 'women's work'. And absolutely I agree that the lessons we teach our kids when we get caught up in this are not healthy one. Especially our girls. I think so much of this issue relates to gender roles in our society. I'd also say blogs like,,,,
      and these kinds of blogs are all really down to earth and realistic. I think spe3nding time making friends with people who can help keep us grounded with realistic expectations of ourselves is also important. Envy is ugly and shame is heavy. I hope to give Aidan more than my old baggage. I hope to pass along skills that he can use to help get passed those kinds of feelings. bahaha that was another post in and of itself!


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