A personal update.

Where does the time go? I fell so far behind on so many things while I was sick I really have felt bogged down trying to get through it all. And of course it's all financially related (high stress for me!) like my darn extended health claims which they are giving me a hard time about. ugh. Anyways that's my compliant for the day. Hopefully I can get that stuff sorted relatively quickly. It also looks like we will be moving if we can get the details sorted. My darling husband is seriously considering going back to school. I'm so proud of him as it's not an easy decision to make when you are in your thirties with a child and a 'dependent' wife. I know it will be best for all of us in the long run but it will require some sacrifices which may include moving in with my mother and father in law. AS I say I think it will be worth it but it will be a change and the sacrifice to our privacy (and theirs) will surely take so getting used to. We just have to finish sorting out details and then get to work fixing up the rooms we would be living in. So thses are the things I've been busy trying to figure out.

We've had lovely sunny weather which makes such a big difference for both Aidan and I. I love being able to take off to the park at a moments notice and Aidan has been reaping the benefits of my improved health. WE've eve managed a couple of days where we had 2 outs a day. Either the park and the beach or two different parks! Lucky kid. It's really helping both of us get our sleep scheduled on track. Again some of those strange thins that shift when you are stuck inside more than is ideal.

I've gone back to a gluten free diet and I really feel as though that is helping me to feel better. I made gluten free banana bread last night and I can't get over how delicious it is. It's so good that Devin ate a large portion of 'my' loaf without noticing it was gluten free!! I say that's a rave review tight there lol. Anyways I will post the recipe later as I made all sorts of changes to an old family recipe. So that's the personal update. I will be posting about our recent play exploits and parenting funn in the next couple of days!



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