Play is fun!

Ya ya I know obviously play is fun but when you've been unable to really play with your kid for a month and a half the value of play increases dramatically. I took so much pleasure in watch Aidan come into the living room and as soon as he saw the sand box he ran over and began playing immediately! Of course he had to get as many trucks as he could working in the box because everything is about trucks to my 2 year old lol. He built a road in the sand using done tile samples I snagged yesterday (I think I will put more of them on my shopping list for next time). We had a canceled play date which required a quick activity so we agreed on doing our first collage project together!! I think I had more fun than Aidan! It was amazing to see how much he has developed since our last art project. It's great to get a chance to talk about and interact with lines, shapes, colours and textures! Again so easy and so fun. All you need to do is save scraps of fabric, paper, bottle caps, film, postcards, old pictures, ribbon anything works! We also had done transfer paper which I loved and things like Popsicle sticks, buttons and beads. I used the hot glue gun and ifAD had been interested I would have let him try it out but today he wasn't - phew- I let him but always stress a bit internally while he does it! He used glue sticks and was all about the foam cut outs from the dollar store. He wanted more car/truck related materials so I think I'm going to have to hunt down some more circles and maybe some truck like textures for a future project.

Both these activities were done on a day where I was experiencing pain, a headache and was really tired. Its great bing able to do such a fun activity and true one on one especially when I'm not 100%. Again yay for play so much good learning and bonding happens during child led play. Let your child show you what they want to learn and discover what lessons are in store for you as well!!


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