Steroids, 2 doses down.

So I jumped in and started steroids last night as soon as Devin picked them up for me. It's s huge handful of meds but it's only 6 doses so it's not bad overall. I'm certainly experiences side effects, my fuse is short and my body feels like it's been plugged into some kind of weird and unpleasant energizer. I feel a bit stronger and am in less pain this morning and even managed a walked after school drop off!! Yahoo! That feels huge (I used the walker but that's still a big deal). I'm so grateful for all the offers of help and support coming in from all over the place. Totally amazing. A friend even dropped off a meal for us yesterday which was an amazing surprise! I'm feeling very optimistic after seeing the doctor and developing a plan going forward. I sincerely hope that I will carry on in this direction without much drama but I'm trying to keep my expectations low in order to reduce any possible disappointment.


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