The other side of steroids

I made it! I'm exhausted. My mood seems to have stabilized. I'm feeling extremely grateful for so much. I had meals and flowers delivered, messages and phone calls, help with home projects and above the rest a drug that helped! I'm not 100% not even close. I spent the day resting,  napping and could easily have slept more. I'm working a couple days this week and am confident that it will be easier than the last shift I worked. I'm sure it's going to all be a challenge. I'm not planning much in advance at this stage. I'm going to try to reduce my hours at work enough so that I can get back on track. It's written down so hopefully this keeps me accountable.

Being home and spending time with the kids had reminded me how much better I am when I slow down. I really hope I can do this more. My MS diagnosis has so many levels, it is always this reminder when I'm doing to much. Like punctuation. It's a full stop.

Okay I really wanted to write more but even trying to finish this up is turning into a challenge. Hopefully I'm up for updating better tomorrow.



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