First day of school

Today was the start of school for both kids. This is excellent is so many ways!they are both reasonably excited about it. Me not so much. It meant facing big groups of people without a disabled parking permit (fuck why did I left that lapse?) and with my walker. That means lots and lots of looks of not questions. I'm feeling way too raw and vulnerable for that atm. I have no idea how one answers this looks and was wishing I had a shirt that said something like 'this is ms'  or 'this is what ms may look like'  or something along those lines. The kids part when really smoothly and I managed to organize raiser drop off with Aidan's daycare people so that will be extremely helpful!

I'm at work and am totally unable to say even hours into it if I'm able to do this! It's exhausting and is an emotional roller coaster ranging from I'm strong I've got this to (more often) OMG was I thinking and there's no way I can do this!

I see the neurologist tomorrow at least! I'm feeling pretty lucky that she had a cancelation that was available for me to jump into! Praying for help and solutions! If she doesn't have anything for me I may not be able to keep my spirits up but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Other news? None to speak of. I'm also trying to carve out weaving time to keep my self inspired but it's extremely slow and difficult so I'm not sure that I'll be able to start a new project until I'm feeling better. Again we will see. I'm just plugging away until I get some kind of news 💕



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