Here's Johnny!

It's back. I've been hoping and praying it was something else. Anything else but it's not. My body isn't working. I'm not giving up but I sure am struggling. I'll try to get videos of me walking or climbing stairs as those activities show so clearly where I'm at.
Devin kindly helped me get a walker today.  Xpresso bahahaha who thinks these things up? Anyways I'm feeling way better knowing I can make it out of the house safely and even with kids because they are easy to push on the seat if needed. I'm hoping this will be the encouragement I need to get walking a bit more. I'm also going to be making some doctors appointments. I'm hoping that the neurologist will prescribe steroids again to get me back on track as this has been lingering a while before I finally admitted to myself that this is ms (okay okay so that was kind of last week and is everyday but that's where I'm at). At least my kids love it? Lol
Currently I'm trying to keep positive keep my job and continue to weave. All of those things are in flux and may change but I'm hoping reducing my hours and expectations helps. I'm also optimistic that with the walker I'll be able to save myself some energy and that will help me make it through more easily? As always I'll try to update now and then.


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