OMG people read this!

OMG people actually come here and read this!! Lol I'm trying not to let that have an impact on my unstructured rambling and cathartic release.

I saw the neurologist today. It's so amazing to have trust in my doctor! I can't even explain how huge that is. I had some bad experiences in my first few years. This Dr has now seen me both healthy and sick. That's huge in this situation.

She's prescribed me steroids to help encourage healing. So I'm going to take a couple days off from work to let the steroids do their job. Her and I also discussed trying another long term disease modifying drug. So I've asked her to start the process and if pharamacare agrees to cover it then that will be my next step. She's also going to say me up as a patient at the ubc ms clinic which means more resources when I have a flare up like this. So all positive things. If course I managed to screw up my parking and got a parking ticket but other than that all positive 😉


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